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We love weddings! 

Let us help you bring your love to life with beautiful flowers: Elegant or fun, white or colourful, extravagant, vintage, casual or a bit out there.

We are one of Sydney's leading wedding florists and devote as much love and attention to intimate weddings as to extravagant or large scale affairs. We work with many of Sydney's leading event organisers and wedding venues. Browse some of the styles we have created and get inspired by examples of bridal bouquets, ceremony flowers and reception decorations.

Call us and tell us your thoughts for the feeling and style you want to create on the day. We will then work with you to develop a unique creative concept to bring your ideas and your love to life on the day. 

We love weddings. Call Sandy Horton to arrange a time for a meeting on 02 9966 9890 or send us an email to


Flowers for a beautiful Sydney wedding

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Our wedding flower services cover your every requirement:

  • Wedding floral styling
  • Bridal bouquets
  • Bridal party flowers
  • Corsages
  • Buttonhole flowers
  • Ceremony flowers
  • Church flowers 
  • Table centrepieces
  • Wedding cake decorations
  • Reception flowers
  • Venue styling
White bridal bouquet Bride and birdesmaids Vintage bouquets  
Country wedding flowers White bridal bouquet Floral table centrepiece  
Bridal bouquet hot pink Romantic bridal bouquets Vintage bridal bouquet roses  
Table decorations floral table centrepiece Table decoration with tea candles Red roses on candelabra  
Wedding cake flowers and strawberries Engagement ring and wedding band in red roses Chocolate brownie wedding cake flower decoration    
Wedding table decoration and flowers David Austin roses bridal and bridesmaid bouquet Apple name card table setting    
Bridal table candle display and floral decorations hanging tea light suspended branches Wedding table place setting herbs    
Rose heart wedding table decoration Rose petals bath tub Blue lights table decorations    
The wedding car that got lost Romantic wedding flowers Pew decorations with white flowers    

Planning Your Wedding Flowers

Beautiful flowers will set the mood on your wedding day. Planning your wedding flowers is not difficult. We are one of Sydney’s leading wedding florists and can help you every step of the way. Here is a guide to the different elements to plan for.

1. Selecting an overall floral style for your wedding

The look and feel you want to create for your wedding will help determine the style of flowers, the colour scheme and style arrangements. What do you have in mind? Formal, elegant, vintage or modern? What type of dress have you chosen for yourself and the bridal party? Is the mood glamour, or romantic, or fun? Our wedding florists can create designs that will bring your wedding style to life. Browse our wedding style gallery for inspiration.

2. The bridal bouquet and flowers for the bridal party

Selecting the design for the bridal bouquet involves decisions about the bouquet style, colours and types of flowers. You can of course choose your favourite flowers or flowers that have special meaning to you. It’s ideal if you already know what style of wedding dress you will have, what colour and what materials. Read the articles below that introduce some popular bridal bouquet styles and browse our bridal bouquet gallery.

In addition to the bridal bouquet, you will typically want to plan for

  • A bouquet for each bridesmaid – in a matching colour, or in a contrast
  • A separate bouquet for the “tossing of the bouquet” at the end of the evening if you want to keep your own bridal bouquet as a memento
  • Flower corsages or small bouquets for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom
  • Buttonhole flowers for the groom and groomsmen

3. Wedding ceremony flowers and decorations

In planning your ceremony flowers, the first step is to approach the venue – whether it’s a church, hotel, function centre or an outdoor venue – and ask if there are any restrictions in the floral wedding decorations. To get ideas for ceremony flowers, browse our gallery.

Flowers for a church or temple can include

  • Flower decorations at the entrance of the church – on stairs, around handrails or above the entrance doors
  • Pew decorations
  • Feature flower arrangements on the altar
  • Wedding candle centrepieces on either side of the altar
  • Feature flowers on pedestals at the front of the church

Flowers for an outside venue can include

  • A bridal arch
  • Pew decorations
  • Feature flower arrangements for the spot where the ceremony will take place     
4. Flowers for your wedding reception and other wedding reception decorations

The floral style for your reception can be dramatic or sophisticated or fun, just like your overall theme for the wedding. Floral decorations typically include:

  • Table centrepieces that can have many different forms, including
    • A bridal t
    • Circular wreath arrangements arranged around candles, lanterns or glass bowls
    • Candelabras with flower decorations, which can look dramatic or very elegant
    • Dramatic arrangements in tall bulb or flute vases
    • Arrangements of different posy vases or bud vases
    • Flower petal sprinkles
  • Flowers or other natural elements in your place settings
  • Feature arrangements to either side of the bridal table or in other key locations in the room
  • Ceiling decorations

Browse our gallery for ideas.

5. Floral wedding cake decorations

There are many ways to use flowers to create an exquisite looking wedding cake. Have a look through our wedding cake gallery on Pinterest for some ideas.

Typical styles of floral wedding cake decorations include

  • Cascading flowers that trail down over the sides of the cake
  • Posy toppers that can be clusters of a single flower, or variety of different flowers resting on top of the wedding cake
  • Sprays of small groups of flowers that can be placed on any tier of the wedding cake
  • Tiered layers of flowers, resembling a layer of cake

6. Delivery and set up

You will want the different flowers to go to where they are needed. So think through where you are getting ready, where the groom and his party is getting ready and the timing for ceremony and reception. We will then work out the delivery schedule with you, to make sure everything is there on time, looking exquisite.

7. Your budget and the cost of your wedding flowers

Costs will vary based on the exact flowers, the season, the quantities and the delivery and set up requirements. We will provide you with a detailed proposal based on your brief. Remember that we can create beautiful flowers to suit your budget.

We love weddings. Call Sandy Horton to arrange a time for a meeting on 02 9966 9890or send us an email to


Wedding Flower Trends in Sydney

Questions about wedding flower styles and trends with Sandy Horton, the owner of Naomi Jones Flower Studio.

Q: What are your favourite wedding flowers?

Sandy: At the moment it’s ranunculus. They are gorgeous and they are very seasonal, so when they are around I just love them.

Q: Tell us about the current wedding flower trends you are seeing in Sydney?

Sandy: Vintage is definitely in and it’s such a beautiful wedding flower style. And for receptions we are seeing quite a few grand occasions, which are always great fun to work on.

Q: Can you have beautiful wedding flowers on a budget?

Sandy: I can completely understand if couples set themselves a budget for their wedding. For wedding flowers, it’s all about the kind of flowers and of course the number of arrangements. You can definitely create a stunning look on a budget. One important thing to do is to work with what is in season. Not only will the flowers be better priced, they will also be great quality.

Q: Any tips on planning wedding flowers?

Sandy: Come and talk to us not just about the flowers but about the whole look of your ceremony and reception, the venue, the tables and the room decorations. We can definitely help put together a style that you will love.

Q: Favourite wedding song?

Sandy: "Kiss from a rose" by Seal.


Five Bridal Bouquet Styles that are Popular in Sydney

There are many different varieties of bridal bouquets. Some are very traditional and formal and some are more relaxed in style. Here are five popular shapes of bridal bouquet that we often see in Sydney. They can all be created with a variety of flowers and colours to suit the look you want for your wedding.


Posy bouquets

A posy bouquet is round and often relatively small. It can be held in one hand. Unstructured bouquets are hand tied. Formal posy bouquets can also be wired with stems of the flowers removed and replaced with florist’s wire. For both styles, stems are then wrapped in satin or organza ribbon and decorated with pins. 

White tear drop bridal bouquet

Teardrop or trailing bouquets

Teardrop bouquets are also known as cascading bouquets or shower bouquets. This traditional and romantic style is round at the top and flows downward for a very elegant look.  

White presentation style bridal bouquet

Bridal sheaths or presentation bouquets

Bridal sheaths or presentation bouquets are often loosely structured and made up of long stemmed flowers and foliages that the bride carries in her arm. It is a great alternative to more traditional bouquet styles.

White flower pomeander

Flower pomanders

This is a ball of flowers suspended from a loop of satin ribbon. Flower girls love this style of bouquet that they can carry like a “flower handbag.” 

White wrist corsage

Flower bracelets

A flower bracelet is a bouquet worn on the wrist like a corsage. It comprises of a small floral arrangement. This can be a great alternative in particular for a flower girl or for a young bridesmaid. 


The Meaning of Flowers in Weddings

The recent novel “The Language of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh has revived the interest in the symbolism of flowers. Of course, the origins of contributing specific meaing to flowers are much older. Today, many Sydney couples choose the flowers for their wedding to convey messages that are important to them. Below you can find the meaning for some popular flowers used in wedding arrangements.

  • Acacia: Chaste Love, Plantonic Love
  • Agapanthis: Immortality
  • Alstroemeria: Devotion, Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune
  • Amaryllis: Pride, Dramatic
  • Ambrosia: The Love Given is Reciprocated
  • Anemone: Forsaken, Refusal, Abandonment, Sincerity
  • Arbutus: I Love Only Thee
  • Aster: Contentment, Unpredictability
  • Azalea: Temperance, Abundance
  • Baby's Breath: Pure heart, Happiness
  • Bamboo: Loyalty
  • Begonia: Deep Thoughts
  • Bell Of Ireland: Good Luck
  • Bluebell: Constancy
  • Caladium Leaves: Delight
  • Camellia: Steadfastness, Good luck gift for a man
  • Carnation: Pure Love
  • Chrysanthemum: Cheerfulness
  • Columbine: Foolishness
  • Cyclamen: Good-bye
  • Daffodil: Unrequited Love
  • Dahlia: Good Taste
  • Daisy: Innocence, Loyal Love
  • Delphinium: Boldness, Courage
  • Fern: Sincerity
  • Forget me not: True Love, Faithful
  • Forsythia: Anticipation
  • Frangipani: Shelter
  • Freesia: Trust
  • Gardenia: Secret Love
  • Geranium: Folly
  • Gladiolus: Strength Of Character
  • Gloxinia: Love at First Sight
  • Heather: Admiration
  • Holly: Strength
  • Honeysuckle: Sweetness
  • Hyacinth: Rashness
  • Hydrangea: Vanity
  • Iris: Warmth of affection
  • Jasmine: Grace
  • Jonquil: Desire
  • Larkspur: Fickleness
  • Lily-Calla: Regal
  • Lily-Day: Coquetry
  • Lily-Eucharis: Maiden Charms
  • Lily of the Valley: Gaiety
  • Lily-Tiger: Wealth, Pride
  • Lily-White: Purity
  • Magnolia: Nobility
  • Maidenhair: Discretion
  • Marigold: Jealousy
  • Mimosa: Sensitivity
  • Mistletoe: Affection
  • Myrtle: Joy, Hebrew Emblem of Marriage
  • Narcissus: Egotism, Self
  • Nasturtium: Conquest
  • Oleander: Grace
  • Orange Blossom: Eternal Love, Innocence
  • Orchid: Beauty, Refinement
  • Peony: Healing, Happy Life
  • Poppy: Imagination, Dreaminess
  • Primrose: Young Love
  • Primrose Evening: Inconstancy
  • Rose-Pink: Perfect Happiness
  • Rose-Red: Love
  • Rose-Tea: I'll Remember Always
  • Rose-White: Innocence, Purity
  • Rose-Yellow: Try to Care
  • Rosebud: Beauty, Youth
  • Snapdragon: Presumption
  • Spider: Elope with Me
  • Stephanotis: Happiness in Marriage
  • Stock: Bonds of Affection
  • Sunflower: Sunshine, Devotion
  • Sweet pea: Good-bye, Departure
  • Tulip: Symbol of the Perfect Lover
  • Violet: Modesty, Faithfulness
  • Wisteria: Welcome, Youth
  • Zinnia: Lasting Affection

Birth Flowers in Weddings

Each month has a flower associated with it and some couples choose the flowers linked to their birth months flowers as part of their wedding flowers. Here are the flowers that are associated with the twelve months of the year.

  • January - Carnation
  • February - Iris
  • March - Daffodil
  • April - Daisy
  • May - Lily
  • June - Rose
  • July - Delphinium
  • August - Gladiolus
  • September - Aster
  • October - Marigold
  • November - Chrysanthemum
  • December - Poinsettia