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The success of a business or social event is measured by the impression your guests walk away with. Whether it’s a product launch, a boardroom meeting, a gala dinner or a year-end celebration, our role as event florists is to provide flowers as an integral part of event design. Our floral event theming and styling creates ambience and atmosphere through colour, texture, form, space and light. In our designs and flower arrangements, we focus on composition, bringing together balance, proportion, contrast and harmony. 

Our event flower designs use beautiful flowers and foliage and often incorporate the creative use of grasses, branches, herbs, fruit, and a variety of botanical and other materials. We create theming through decorative centrepieces and feature flower arrangements for foyers, tables and stage sets.

Floral styling for events is what we are known for. We provide flowers to many of Sydney’s leading businesses and public sector organisations, venues and event companies. Let us help bring your occasion and your brand to life and create flowers that provide a memorable experience for your guests. 

Send us an email to or call on 0404 004 607 to discuss your event and your ideas and requirements. We will work with you to design and deliver event flowers that will thrill your guests.